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Droid Studios - Partner Company | World of Inspirations and Innovations!!!

World of Inspirations and Innovations!!!

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Droid Studios – Partner Company


Droid Studios was founded in August 2013 by Pranshu Kacholia and Ashish Gupta with a vision of using cutting edge technology to build utility applications for android market. The company’s first app, ‘Share GPS Location’ became a huge hit within a couple of months of its release and was featured in appeggs.com and other tech-blogs.


Pranshu Kacholia : An engineering graduate from one of the top schools of India, Pranshu has seen several startups grow and fail, an experience which provides him the unique ability to understand the strengths and weaknesses of any company. He currently works in an analytics startup generating insights from sales data of one of the Fortune 50 companies.

Ashish Gupta : A computer engineer by profession, Ashish was the founder of Inspirations and Innovations whose facebook page had over 2 million followers!! His facebook applications have been a phenomenal success due to their sheer simplicity and user-friendliness.


1. Share GPS Location :

Released in December 2013 as ‘This Way’, this app received 20,000 downloads within 4 months of release!! with a rating of 4.3 on google playstore. The app was widely regarded as the most complete app which exploited the GPS technology to its full. Simple to use and

How it Works :
* SEND YOUR EXACT LOCATION CO-ORDINATES to a visiting friend on a single click.
* Your friend can click the special google maps link and get directions from his place to yours.
Unlike other apps, your friend does NOT need to have this app, he can get your co-ordinates using SMS/Whatsapp/email
*You can save the GPS co-ordinates of any place you visit, which means you don’t need to remember directions to that little-known gift shop, or to a friend’s home, or even to the nearest hospital. Have all your FAVOURITE LOCATIONS saved ON YOUR PHONE !!

2. Healthy Curry Recipes : This recently released app by ‘Droid Studios’ features selected Indian curry recipes from top chefs. A step-by-step guide to cooking curries, the app is extremely simple to use and complete with latest features.

3. Comptines Pour Enfants : A french app meant for children. Coming Soon..