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Success and Failure | World of Inspirations and Innovations!!!

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Success and Failure

The first son was the sun of the family; he was everyone’s source of pride. His adroitness was evident when at ten years old he received the Best Student Lifetime Award, a recognition only given to a student with the best academic performance for three years in a row.

The same year his younger brother was caught off guardstealing his friend’s money at school. He was expelled from the school, and moved to another one.

At twenty years old the first son received a scholarship from his high school, while his younger brother had his first encounter with marijuana. Two months later he spent a year and a half in a rehab.

The second millennium, the year 2000, went by when the parents were convinced that their first son, would forever be the sun of their family. He won a full scholarship to the United States of America while he wasn’t even twenty four. Promising his family reports of his achievement perpetuity, he said he would be overseas for another six years until he completed his doctorate.

Two days after the departure of his older brother, the second son got his girlfriend pregnant. At the age of 20, he had a son and a wife, but no job and no house. Living on the edge of destitution, his family was certain that he was a total failure.

Six years later the first son returned to his homeland and got married. Soon he built a company and performed a pilgrimage to Mecca, establishing himself a well-respected figure in the society.

In the same year, the second son, still with no permanent job, had his second child born. After dropping out college, he decided to pursue his ambition to be a full-time musician. His family thought the man was out of his mind.

Everything looked like in order. But life is a constant change. The world will not forever be days with bright light, neither will it forever be nights enveloped in pitch darkness.

To everyone’s surprise, the first son’s business collapsed a year later. His company was found in pallid morbidity, enmeshed by corruption allegations involving his company’s director and managers. After found guilty with drug possession, he was sentenced to two years in prison. He lived in distress especially when he found out that his property was taken over by his business rivals. His anguish grew larger when he found his wife left him a month later.

Meanwhile, the second son found his way to stardom when he met a producer. She was impressed and offered him to record an album. An hour after signing the contract he strode to a cemetery and placed a bouquet of flowers. In grief he prayed for his older brother who committed suicide the week before.

The first son’s successes were irrefutable, but he never learned  anything from what he had achieved.

On the contrary, his younger brother, despite the major defeats in his early life, was a man who was never tired of learning from his failures.