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9 Steps to Positive Thinking | World of Inspirations and Innovations!!!

World of Inspirations and Innovations!!!

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9 Steps to Positive Thinking

Step 1 : Control your mind confidently

There is only one way to positive mental attitude: You have to control your mind confidently. Our mind is the greatest miracle in the universe. Everyone has an amazing treasure, brain and nerves. Every normal person basically has the power to reach everything that others can or trying to reach. We have the power to aim the spirit, emotion, instinct, willingness, feelings, mood, attitude and act to a result. It is up to you how to use all this.
To block all negative things, always make an affirmation like this :
”My mind is mine, I will control it!”

Step 2 : Focus your mind to what you really want and get rid what you don’t want

Most of our mind pattern will be replaced by words, but the deepest motivational mind usually in pictures, not words. If an idea appear, it is usually as a picture, not a moving sentence of words in our head. Pictures is the earliest and strongest mind pattern.
So, we have to learn to discipline our mind and visualizes things that we want. Don’t let environment or other people dictate negative image into us.

Step 3 : Apply the Golden Rule

Treat others just as how you want to be treated. On the contrary, do not treat others badly if we does not want to be treated like that. Find goodness inside every person and every situation consistently.

Step 4 : Get rid of all negative thoughts through self inspection

Most people does not realize that they are having negative thoughts unless they are consciously try to inspect their own mind, act and reaction. Just ask ourselves. ”Is this positive or negative?”. When we fail to conquer our mind, our reaction will tend to be negative.
The more we train to use positive mental attitude, the faster we realize the emerge of negative thoughts.

Step 5 : Be happy! Make others happy!

To feel happy, act like a happy person! To be spiritful, we have to act spiritful.
In the end, you will experience the happy feelings and spirit that will show themselves without you having to focus on them.

Step 6 : Make a habit of tolerance

Be open minded with others. Try to like and accept others the way they are instead of demanding or hoping they can be like what we want. Find kindness in other people and learn to love others. Next is a quote from Napoleon Hill : ”How long, oh dear God, we puny creatures will realize our stupidity trying to destroy others for religion and race difference?”

Step 7 : Give a positive suggestion to ourselves

Suggestion is a certain stimulant sent to brain through five senses : sight, hearing, feeling, touch and smell. All of them are the paths that are used by external elements to affect our lifes every day. As long as we can control this process, try so what comes through your five senses is something useful and something that can bring happiness. Just take the beautiful things.

Step 8 : Use the power of prayers

When you pray, believe in anything you ask. In every storm, your soul will get a protection from a prayer.

Step 9 : Decide your targets

To decide your target is one way to keep our mind focused to what we want, and away from what we don’t want.